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I really like the scooter for the convenience it offers. The rides are really smooth - noise and smoke free. qQuick solves my last mile connectivity challenges, which I face otherwise. Overall, the service is really convenient. The scooters are great and compact, and I am able to park them easily. I actually love it.

- Dr Sarita Ahlawat Founder and CEO, Phase laboratories

I use qQuick scooters to drop my children to school. I really like using qQuick scooters, so much so that I am planning to end the school bus subscription. qQuick rides are affordable, safe, and makes my life comfortable. I don’t have to depend on autos any more.

- Pooja Rana

When you need to squeeze within traffic and cater to your local needs within minutes, qQuick offers a hassle free experience. Now I can simply vroom a scooter and blur my parking tensions away.

- Zan Roy Regional Head - Corporate Communications

Convenience is the first thing i associate qQuick with. I don’t have to quibble with rickshaw or auto walas. I usually drop my kids to school. On my way I shop and return home. Such multi-stop trips are easy to make with these scooters. The fares are pocket-friendly. Plus I don’t have to make cash payment, which makes the entire experience positive. Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with the concept and service offered by qQuick.

- Sanjeet Kumar Vice President, JND Infrastructure

qQuick Ride

qQuick’s motto is to provide mobility for all @ Rs 1 per minute. Download the app and Register

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    1) Rent :
    • View the qQuick map & locate the available scooters near you
    • Tap on the scooter icon and click “Reserve”
    • You will have 5 minutes to “Start” your scooter.
    2) Ride :
    • Click “Start” to open boot & get helmet.
    • Take your helmet from under the seat .
    • Roll off the centre stand .
    • Power the scooter on - there will be no sound or smoke, but the scooter would be on. Enjoy your ride!
    3) Pause :
    • Click PAUSE to halt without ending trip - to make a stop during your ride, without ending your ride.
    4) Return :
    • Bring the scooter back to the allocated parking inside the geo-zone.
    • Click “End Trip” on qQuick app.
    • Turn scooter ignition off.
    • Park the scooter and place the helmet back into the boot.
    • Press the seat to ensure the boot is locked. Hope you had a pleasant experience!!

qQuick Charge Network

Building a sustainable EV ecosystem to ensure that your city is ready to change the way it commutes.

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation and qQuick is creating a network of on-demand personal electric vehicles and charging stations. With qQuick Charge, we will be establishing a grid of safe and quick charging stations across Delhi NCR and offer charging infrastructure to all electric vehicles - qQuick and non-qQuick.

Coming Soon

Join as a qQuick charge Host

Frequently Asked Questions

qQuick is app based electric scooter sharing service . It comprises of renting the scooter per minute, paying only for the time used, and having access to a personal electric scooter which is keyless, smokeless, noiseless, and dock-less.

We offer solutions to the short-distance and last-mile commute challenges at select locations in Delhi NCR.

We offer high speed as well as non-motorised low speed scooters. The conditions to renting our scooters are:

  • The minimum age is 16 years.
  • A valid Indian Driving Licence or an International Driver’s Permit is a must to rent high speed scooters.
  • However, if you don’t have a valid driving licence, you may be able to rent the low speed non-motorised scooters (if you are over 16 years)
  • However, if you don’t have a valid driving licence, you may be able to rent the low speed non-motorised scooters (if you are over 16 years), by submitting a copy of your Aadhar card or Passport.

Look at the map on our app and you will be able to spot scooters which are available for use. Find the scooter nearest you by enabling your phone’s GPS. Our areas of service can be seen here.

No, every qQuick scooter comes with one helmet which is placed in the boot under the seat. Once the user clicks on “start” to begin ride, the scooter seat unlocks and the helmet is accessible. If you need an additional helmet, please contact our team and we will be able to assist you.

There is no minimum time requirement for renting qQuick. You just pay for the number of minutes used. the more you use, the less you pay.

However, if you want to rent the scooter for more than 3 hour, you will have to inform the support team @ +91 96251 68452 before renting the scooter, to ensure you get a scooter which is fully charged.

Also, if you need a scooter for longer durations, subscription plans are available which would offer better pricing to suit your needs.

There is no minimum kilometre binding for any rental. You just rent the scooter and pay as you ride. However, there is a restriction on the maximum limit. The scooter has a range of maximum of 50 Km when battery is fully charged; 100%.

However, users are required to check with qQuick team before renting and riding the scooter for longer trips to ensure you get a suitable scooter.

qQuick scooters are available 24x7. However, at select locations rental timings are restricted between 7 am - 10 pm.

Once you “Reserve” a scooter on our app, you will be able to hold the reservation for 5 minutes. In 5 minutes, you should be able to reach the scooter and “Start” your ride. In case you don’t start the ride before timer runs out, your reservation will be cancelled automatically. You wont be charged for the cancellation.

However, it is strictly advised that you click “start” rental only when you are close to the scooter to ensure safety of the vehicle.

No, you don’t need to take an insurance to ride our scooters. Our scooters are covered by third party insurance. Also, we would offer user insurance shortly as a part of our service.

Upon installing the app, you will need to enter your profile details - name, age, gender. After which you will need to fill in your current and active contact details - mobile number and email id, to receive an OTP and verification link.

After verification, you will have to upload a copy of your driving licence (if available) or your Aadhar card, and click a selfie. The last step of the registration is linking your Paytm to our app.

Once you complete the registration, you will be able to rent and ride qQuick.

The icons seen on the map mean the following :

  • Available scooter

  • Scooter selected by you

  • Scooter reserved by you

  • Scooter Paused/ Parking while your trip hasn’t ended yet

Once you are near scooter which you have “reserved” on qQuick app, “start” the ride using app. When you click “start” the scooter will be unlocked and ready to ride. You simply have to turn on the ignition by switching the button “ON” near the horn switch. You won’t need keys to unlock or turn the scooter on, as everything is app controlled.

Upon successful registration and document verification

  • View the qQuick map to locate the available scooters near you
  • Tap on the scooter icon and click “Reserve” Upon reservation, you will have 5 minutes to “Start” your scooter.
  • When you click “Start” the boot gets unlocked
  • Take your helmet from under the seat
  • Roll the scooter off the centre stand
  • Switch the scooter on - there will be no sound or smoke, but the scooter would be on
  • Enjoy your ride

During a trip, you may pause the trip without ending the trip by clicking the “Pause” button on the app. Clicking pause will ensure the scooter gets electronically locked and it is immobilised/ locked while you are away. Just turn the ignition off and “Pause” the ride to make sure that the scooter is safe. It will also ensure that the scooter isn’t available to anyone else and stays with you while you get your work done. So, every time you want to make a pit stop, don’t forget to PAUSE.

Bring the scooter back to the allocated parking inside the geo-zone (areas marked in red/grey on qQuick map

  • Click “End Ride” on our app
  • Park the scooter and place the helmet back into the boot
  • Press the seat to ensure the boot is locked
  • Pay using PayTM or other registered payment gateway

Once you click “Start,” qQuick charges of Rs 1 per minute of rental. Rates and promotions may vary.

There are no charges for reserving a scooter or cancelling a reserved scooter.

No security deposit is required. The rates are same for all the scooters and we don’t charge higher during peak hours.

The rentals are charged per minute - irrespective of the KM travelled, or the duration which the scooter was parked. We compute your rental minutes from the time you click “Start” on your app till you end your trip. If you have riding credits in your account (joining/ referral/ promotions/ gift credits etc), the amount is deducted from your invoice.

Payment for trips is through Paytm or UPI, which would be integrated into your profile during registration. Once your trip is complete, amount is automatically deducted from your Paytm account.

Be sure to maintain a minimum balance to Rs 150 in your Paytm account - to be able to rent the scooter.

In case your Paytm account balance is insufficient, you may contact qQuick team before the ride and purchase riding credits using other payment methods to successfully rent and ride the scooter.

We provide our users an auto-debit option for paytm. You may use your credit/ debit card to add balance to your Paytm wallet, which would then be associated with your qQuick account.

We would add more payment options shortly.

You can reduce per minute riding fees by taking a subscription pack. Contact our team for subscription pack details. Once you purchase a subscription, riding minutes gets credited into your account. The riding minutes don’t have an expiration date. Once you complete your ride, the invoicing team checks your account for riding credits before calculating your invoice amount.

If you park at any public parking, you will have to pay the parking charges incurred. qQuick will not be responsible for paying any associated charges.

qQuick scooters are keyless. To operate a scooter, just access your app and click “Start” “Pause” and “End rental”.

qQuick is not responsible for your belongings. However, leave a note with our team and we will try our best to retrieve your possession and hand it over to you.

If you violate any traffic rules, qQuick isn’t to be held responsible for it. We provide helmets to all our riders. We strongly advise that riders adhere to all the traffic rules and regulations. In case of any violation, the fines are to be borne by you.

In case you need an additional helmet for your pillion, please let our team know, and we will be happy to help.

If you encounter any maintenance issue during a ride or you get stranded and cant move the vehicle for any reason, please call us at +91 96251 68452 immediately. Our team will help you out as soon as possible.

We encourage our users to avoid booking a scooter for anyone else, as it involves risk in case of an unforeseen event. qQuick provides accident cover for the person who has made the booking, however, if the vehicle is used by anyone else, the accident cover would be invalid. In such a case, qQuick cant be held responsible.

qQuick app is designed such that you can start and end a ride only within a geo-fence (the area marked in red on your qQuick map on app). If you try to end a ride outside the marked area, you will be unable to.

In case you are outside the geo-fence, you can make halt to finish your work by PAUSING THE RIDE. Once you ride back to qQuick parking spot, you will be able to end the ride.


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